Online Side Hustle # 4 – Operate as a Marketing Consultant for Social Media

Author: Jason Dookeran 

Side Hustle

Social media is a core component of our modern society so much so that most businesses can’t live without. Before we start to act like never-see-come-see for social media marketing, you should be aware that many forward-thinking companies already have this built into their marketing strategy. Disaster usually strikes, though, when these small businesses start to get so much work that they end up neglecting their social media updates. The average business already knows that they need support to ensure that their digital marketing strategy pans out. And that’s where you and your online side hustle come in. 💰

Getting Started
Both local and international small businesses will pay people to run their social media pages. These skills you’ll need to succeed as a marketing consultant for social media include understanding how social media ads work (mainly Instagram and Facebook) and how to optimize campaigns for the right demographic. In our region, a lot of the work in this sector comes word-of-mouth, so you may need a little luck initially to go along with your innate skills. Yet getting on board with a few local small businesses and charging them for your time is a great place to start that will likely lead to more work as you prove your prowess.

Building Social Media Marketing
To succeed as a social media marketing manager, you’ll have to learn how social media marketing functions at its core. HubSpot provides a helpful (and FREE) course on setting up ad campaigns and tapping into different demographics. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about social media aside from posting. You can learn all you need to know from sites like this and apply it to your first few clients.

How do you get clients online? Freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr are great places to start, but if you intend to make a go of this, you may need your own website along with a few portfolio shots of your posting. And of course, maintaining your own attractive social media presence cleverly tagged and designed to attract the attention of your prospective customers is just a #nobrainer. 🧠

Stay tuned for a few more forays into the online side-hustle world.

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