Our Purpose

Founded in 2007 in Trinidad & Tobago around this vision, Caribbean Ideas today is a group of talented, focused people who are committed to helping Caribbean people and organizations become more competitive and influential globally.

Modern technology is an amazing equalizer. If Caribbean people and companies harness best practices, new skills and technologies faster, we can build businesses that ultimately enrich lives and creating larger impact at home and abroad

Caribbean Innovation is a new project of Caribbean Ideas that is founded on a belief in the amazing potential of Caribbean people, and a desire to connect the community of Caribbean entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, side hustlers and freelancers who work hard every day to learn, grow and achieve their goals.

This movement aims to fuel information sharing and create dialogue that helps push the members of these tribes to learn and grow every day. Ultimately, we believe that if these tribes become more innovative and competitive, that it will directly move the entire Caribbean world forward.

We hope you’ll join us.

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