Must-Haves in a Business Website

Author: Jason Dookeran 

WebsiteRegardless of what category they fall into, business websites need to have a few things to be beneficial to their creators. Unfortunately, there’s no quick-and-dirty list that you can look at that will 💯% tell you what your website needs. Here, we’ll help guide you through your website creation and streamline your overall plan.

Simple Navigation
Most systems work better if they’re kept simple. Simple navigation benefits your visitors by not overwhelming them with choices. Avoid using drop-down menu systems and complicated ways to get around your site. A simple navigation bar along the top or side is all you need.

Locatable Contact Information
Too many times, businesses have their contact information stuffed into a corner of their website, making it challenging to locate. Info like phone numbers 📱and emails 📧 should be immediately visible and easily findable. One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate that contact info into your banner image.

Strong Calls to Action (CTAs)
Calls to Action are a fancy way of saying getting your user to click the correct link. A powerful call to action motivates your user to click on the links and perform the action you want from them. WiPay Caribbean is an excellent example of a great CTA as their “Sign Up” button is bold and easily visible right on their banner image.

Compelling Content
We’ve covered content marketing elsewhere on our site, but compelling content is absolutely necessary for driving traffic to a website. Blog posts are usually how businesses get their content marketing done, with search engine optimization (SEO) added for move coverage. Writing blog posts takes planning and time. Hiring a freelancer to do it for you is certainly one way to go. If you want to do it yourself, you have some options such as:

  • Wix: For people who want a more visual approach to their web building
  • WordPress: For a variety of powerful theming and plugin options

Having good content also means being SEO compatible so search engines can find your page (see the previous link for a good beginner’s guide to SEO).

Google My Business (GMB)
Google My Business is a free tool for businesses to get listed on Google Maps. Why is this important? Setting up GMB allows you to get attention from people nearby or in your area who search for your business or services you offer. Google Maps will place your business on their app and allow users to navigate to where you are, from just a search.

How To Build a Business Website

Enterprise-level websites require planning. We’ve touched on some of the technical issues that you may need to get around to get your website sorted out. Here’s a summary of what you need so that you can prepare adequately:

You can check out Theme Isle for a detailed walkthrough of many of these steps if you need further information. Enjoy creating your new website!

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