Tick Tock!  –  Why You’re Wasting Time If You Haven’t Exploited Tik Tok

Author: Stefan Rogers 

Tik Tok

Even if you’ve been under a big old rock lately, you’ve probably heard of Tik Tok. It’s that new form of social media that utilizes user-created clips ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes long all for your entertainment. Tik Tok gives users a chance to put themselves out there and to create all sorts of different content. You might ask why we tellin’ yuh this.  Well Tik Tok has been rapidly rising as the fastest form of social media in the world with a reported 1 billion active users a month which is a gigantic pool of untapped potential for you and your hustle.

It is definitely different from the older forms of social media because the content is solely created by the platform’s users, many of whom are part of Gen Z. This allows you as a marketer to show off your creativity and individual talent.  And that’s exactly why this app can be exploited for the growth of your small business or side hustle across the region:  the power is in your hands.

Due to the wealth of tools the app has to help make videos, content creation has hardly ever been easier, all of which presents the enterprising entrepreneur with the opportunity to

  • provide a direct connection between you and all the potential clients you can reach through the app
  • keep up with the latest trends (from dance moves to running jokes) so you stay up-to-date with what your audience likes to see and you can creatively connect that to the service you provide
  • lessen the amount of financial investment needed to create formal advertisement, not to mention eliminating the need for a videographer or studio time
  • spend less time editing and fixing videos (due to helpful options readily available in the app)
  • turn everyone’s favourite device into a tool for easily marketing your business and getting the attention of your customers who were already holding onto their now indispensable phones 📱,  (See, we saved the best for last) 😉

The rewards for using this app and potentially going viral can really assist in increasing the traffic into your small business or improving your side hustle tenfold. There are many success stories of small businesses that benefited from going viral on Tik Tok.

So before you turn up your nose at this new platform or dismiss it as a plaything of de youth and dem, consider it for all of its potential and explore its benefits to your advantage, certainly as a way of extending your reach to younger audiences (and all their disposable income).  Tik Tok could well prove to be an invaluable life-line to your small business or side hustle. Why wait?  Tick… Tock….

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