Overcoming Entrepreneurial Burnout, Part 4 – Reaching Out

Author: Danielle Elliott 


Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey.  Sure, you might have collaborators at different points in your development, and you might be forming a team around you to help you grow. But at the end of the day, often it all comes down to you — your vision, actions, decisions, etc.

If you’re building a mostly-online enterprise, you’re even more likely to spend too much time in your own bubble, especially these days.  Not good for your creativity and all-round mental health. 😧

Reaching out to others – social and professional circles
We all need time with others to revitalise and energise us, as well as to help keep our lives and endeavours in perspective. It turns out that that regular lime with an uplifting group of friends is actually good for your overall mental health!  Connecting with other business people or like-minded folks in your network – peers or mentors or both – is a good practice to make sure you get out of your own head.

Reaching out to your team – Delegating
Have you been trying to keep a hand in almost every decision, every department, every item on the to DO list for your business? Realized that you’ve run out of hands yet? 🙋‍♀️
If you want your enterprise to grow and you with it (rather than crashing and burning before you can enjoy that growth) it’s time to learn to delegate. If you’re wondering whether teamwork really makes the dreamwork, 🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏽check out our recent examination on that question. For more on the importance of delegating as a business owner, click here. Here’s a thorough discussion and helpful suggestions on how to delegate effectively.

Reaching out to a therapist
But if your burnout has you feeling less and less like yourself, it may be a good time to reach out even further and get some psychotherapeutic help.
Remember, burnout need not happen only when things are tough; it can happen even when your business is running successfully but you find yourself running on empty. 
Now we know that in the Caribbean, we have a general tendency toward skepticism about seeking professional help when it comes to mental health – a kind of “just rub some Vicks on it and you’ll be fine” kinda attitude. Yet Trinidad and Tobago Association of Psychologists provides a list designed to help in figuring out when it’s time to see a psychologist. Another helpful resource is this conversation with a psychotherapist on what to do about entrepreneurial burnout.

This is one of those times when talking with a pro may be essential 🗣️ – it will give you the perspective you need to get you back on track. 👌🏽

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