Does Teamwork Really Make the Dream Work?

Author: Gerard Ferreira

TeamworkClichéd byline aside, does having a good team really make your business dreams a reality? The answer (yes) probably won’t surprise you because it seems like a ‘given’. However, in a world where individuals like Jobs, Bezos and Buffet are given high praise without much kudos to the teams that helped them achieve success – and if you’ve ever had a University group assignment to produce, you’ll know that – it is easy to forget just how important it is to have a (good) group supporting you.

Here are some reasons teamwork is essential:

Range of Skills
Chances are, you’re not a jack-of-ALL-trades.  Even if you are, you may be able to do a lil sum’n in some areas but aren’t highly enough skilled in them. Having people who specialise in areas where you are weaker (for me, that has definitely been accounting, for example) allows your business to have the strongest foundation possible, leading to a better chance of success.

A Different P.O.V.
You may be so used to doing things your way/on your own that you forget it’s possible to approach things differently – maybe even more successfully. Having a team around you brings different perspectives, which enables you to view problems/situations from multiple angles. You don’t have to heed others’ opinions (if you’re the boss) but having a wider scope will aid in finding the best approach to take.

Greater Efficiency, Productivity and Savings
Stemming from the above points, having specialists in different areas and a wider base of perspectives to draw from can lead to more efficient operations. Consider that by not having to pay for mistakes, you’ll have greater productivity and, ultimately, money saved.

Emotional Support
Don’t downplay this one just because we can be tough-skinned here in the Caribbean. Emotional support can take the form of an opportunity to share your burdens and frustrations when things aren’t going your business’ way or much-needed motivation to press on when you’re not feeling your best. Having a team that’s invested in your success can help you feel less stressed and more motivated. 

A good crew to help you navigate the inevitable waves and storms ⛈️, helps you better captain the ship and stay on course.

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