Author: Dave Williams

I bet that in the past months, more people reading this have searched “what is bitcoin” than for a corner in the office/home to pray on a business matter; a wall to place a mirror to deflect lousy energy, or a couch to release on and complain about your business partner or parents. And of course not crossing the path of a black cat.

In the Spirit
This article is the last of three in a lucky number of articles on the idea of overtly incorporating mysticism and the higher power of spirituality into business. Here in Trinidad & Tobago, you’re only ever as far away from a church ⛪, mandir, mosque or palais as your ancestors’ grips will allow. Here, if I say spirits, you say chaser. The occurrence of religious spirituality is bound to vary little across a region where atheists are like unicorns and rum shops abound.

Here, you’d think a suggestion of making the Power of the supernatural the 5th P of the marketing mix would be far more seductive to investors than cryptocurrency or hooking up with Michael B Jordan to sell rum.

I challenge you because I’ve tried, find an organisation in the region with an official staff position of priest, pundit, Imam, Obeah man or even a shrinky therapist. Or, like Halal or Kosher, out on the boundary of facetious, find me an island brand that says “Hecho with obeah” per se.

Faith Morphed?
Maybe we’ve reached the peak of the gnostic mountain. Perhaps we’ve become so inherently and sublimely spiritual that we’ve vibrated into that higher plane where the material trappings of faith and base practices such as prayer and communal fellowship fall moot in the ecosystems of strategy and success.

Naaaahhhhhh. Too many national days of prayer are still wildly deployed by “.govs” as panaceas for pandemics.

Prayers, Potions and Profits…Perhaps
As an agnostic and freelance writer with a tight deadline and terrorist editor, maybe I, like the masses do in times of crisis, am stumped by the raging googlies of COVID, climate change and corruption. Am I suggesting faith, or is it capitalism calling? In a “manna”, is there a serious business opportunity here? Can the boldface, unabashed addition of spirituality to the mix of price, place, product, and promotion add value to businesses? That’s a real question. Hollah back.

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