Author: Dave Williams

Higher Level Bizniz
The classic four P’s – product, price, place and promotion have defined the marketing mix since E.J. McCarthy spelt them out in 1960. Theoretically, every business manipulates these factors to influence consumers to choose and keep choosing its offerings over their competitor’s. Except if it’s a pandemic and your business is a non-essential service, in which case, WTF’s will have to do.

As the second in a series of articles on Caribbean spirituality in business, we present the 5th, highly crucial “P”. Of course, neither obeah nor spirituality begins with P, but we beg your indulgence.

Today, when an increasing consumer market segment opts to put matters in the hands of a higher power, considering your own and your customers’ spiritual affinities could “bring down de power” – improving bottom lines from above. Infusing spiritual elements into the mix can fall under sensory branding, a branch of marketing that aims to elicit deeper sensory and emotional associations. The approach can produce sensations of inspiration, comfort, community, inner peace, activation to a higher cause or purpose, validation or protection – all essentially spiritual pursuits.

Gnostic Optics
A silver cross pendant has been a prominent wardrobe element for Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy. But, more than a fundamental matter of faith, his jewellery may serve a more practical purpose. As soft-sell salesmanship, his neckwear could offer an even deeper level of comfort to fellow Christians drawn to putting their money where their faith is and into a brother’s hand.

Charms on a bracelet, incense sticks, shrines, mantras, pictures of founders, occasional fasting, prayer breaks, tithes, charity, a Psalm in the cash register drawer, a morning oblation, a bush bath, a golden piggy bank, waving cat, rabbit’s foot, wind chimes, water features, gemstones, mirrors, wall colours, layout and alignment of furniture and premises, something in the shade of “maljo” perhaps — exploring the power of spirituality can add that 5th dimension to business operations or offerings. It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as texting the link to your next business Zoom to your obeah friend. But we ent judging.

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