Caribbean time and twine

Author: Sonja Dumas

You know we have the rep. It’s even named after us – Caribbean Time, 🌞 It’s the way we Caribbean folks have about getting around to something about two hours after we’re really supposed to have got around to it. We do it at home, in business, in leisure – you name it. It’s a kind of “Whey yuh worryin’ for – ent ah reach?” attitude that speaks to both off-handedness and joie de vivre.

Time is different in our part of the world for sure. But if you’re going to make those millions, it’s probably a good idea to have a little structure in the time department. It’s actually the one few resources over which you have some control. No – you can’t turn it back or make it stop until you catch up. But you can manage what you’ve been given a little better. So when you’re burning that midnight oil to figure out the master plan to your millions, devote an hour to creating a schedule of how you’re going to get there.

Figure out, in order of priority;

  • What you need to get through each week as you work towards your goal. 
  • Assign specific time blocks for finance, operations, brainstorming, meetings, etc.
  • Cut and paste that weekly schedule into successive weeks so you establish a rhythm.
  • If people want to meet when it’s your finance time, tell them you’re not available – unless of course they want to invest a couple million dollars in your business or project. And that wouldn’t be cheating, because, technically, that’s a finance-related moment, right?

The biggest challenge is to actually stick to the schedule 🗓️. This is where Caribbean Time is a double-edged sword. Resist the temptation to slack off. Follow the plan. On the other hand, make sure that you reward yourself with a couple of breaks where you could slack off all you want. Take that 15-minute coffee or coconut water break! Just balance your Caribbean Time gene with your drive to succeed. It’ll work out in the end. Time, as some Caribbean folks like to say, is longer than twine.

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