How To Jump-Start Your Start-Up With Grant Funding

Author: Lisa Douglas-Paul

Grant Funding

Most successful business stories begin with just one great idea. 💡 An idea that you know would make a killing once you take it to market. But mash breaks —  going to market could be almost impossible when you don’t even have two black cents to rub together💰🤲🏿. Hard luck, eh? 

Well, maybe not.  If your idea makes the cut, ✂️ you may just find some options to get some free dough to help you grow. Let’s look at some of the best available resources that can help you jump-start your startup. 

It ain’t all about the money
In order to get your business growing and to give your investments that staying power, we first need to equip you with the necessary tools. Be sure to plug into training opportunities, workshops and webinars which are held by Chambers of Commerce and other key local BSOs (business service organizations). Some of these trainings may cover key areas like grant proposal writing, accounting for business and sales pitch training. You can also gain access to networking opportunities to get those golden nuggets of knowledge from seasoned business veterans. CARIRI and NEDCO have some awesome incubator programmes for startups, so be sure to check those out.

…But then again, sometimes it’s kinda still all about the money (LOL)  😂 
Access to grants at this phase of your journey is hardest mainly because this is the stage at which it is hardest to prove #ROI. Remember, although grants are not traditionally funded through 100% private investment, nobody wants to back a donkey in a horse race.  Nevertheless, there are grants available for small businesses through NEDCO, exporTT and Caribbean Export. And for the adventurous entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to check in with foreign consulates and embassies to access awesome funding opportunities like Startup Chile.

The business world is not no small goal ⚽ sweat, so you want to make sure you’re equipped and your mental is in a gear to go the distance.  And even though all this applying and learning might seem like a bit much for you alone to handle in the beginning, just remember yuh might be likkle but yuh tallawah. You got this!

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