How to Add Value for Your Clients

Author: Gerard Ferreira

Add Value

Recently, we dealt with the importance of selling the value of your product or service as opposed to its fahncyshmahncy-ness.  That got us thinking about value on the whole: how business owners perceive it, how clients respond to it and what exactly ‘VALUE’ is, really. Today, we’ll get straight to some ideas on what could be value-adds for your clients – that is, something that’s worth more than the tangible or intangible product/service itself.

Without further ado:

1) Educate your Customers.  Your customers may not know what their pain point is, that they even have one or may think it is X when it is really Y.  Once your product/service can genuinely solve their problems, educating your customers on the wider context in which your product/service operates is a great way to get them to truly understand (a) why they are bumping their head (i.e. the specifics of their pain point) and (b) why they need your help. 💡

You can do this by walking them through the aspects of their life in which your product operates and pointing out (non-condescendingly) the pain points that exist currently and the factors that influence their existence.


2) Improve their purchase process. It will hurt your chances if you have a great product but it’s too difficult to purchase (this applies when you have direct competition, not if you’re trying to be an elite ‘Supreme’ type brand). If your competitors have similar barriers to purchase, you can add value by making the whole purchase process easier.

Walk through the purchase process from your average customer’s POV, or even better, walk through the process alongside an actual customer or two. 🚶🏿‍♀️ Analyze the various points they have to ‘click’ or perform an action. Every added action is a step away from you, so try to minimize these steps as much as possible.

3) Leverage Additional Strength. Again, this works if you have direct competitors. Look at your network and supply chain. Do you have any skills, services, additional businesses or complimentary products/elements at hand that your competitors may not have access to? Key word here being ‘complimentary’ – don’t offer a free T-shirt with a floor cleaning and expect people to come back for the T-shirt. 👕 Identify any hidden strengths you may have that complement your core business and can be added on to the delight of your customers. They’ll be most grateful.

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