High on Technology – The latest Innovations spurring on  the marijuana industry

Author: Sonja Dumas

As we’ve seen all over the world, weed is quickly becoming big business. As more and more countries liberalize their marijuana laws, entrepreneurs are cashing in on this once-outlawed plant.  But the new marijuana industry isn’t just propelling a new crop of ganja farmers; it’s also being spurned on by a new revolution in agriculture. 

Here are 5 innovations that are taking marijuana cultivation to new heights.

1) A New Way to “Light up”
Indoor lighting technology for agriculture is rapidly changing. With new cloud-based lighting systems farmers can remotely control the intensity of light cycles for crops, helping to boost crop yields and as well has producing higher quality plants.

2) Thank You for Not Smoking
Smoking is not the only way consumers enjoy marijuana. There are already edibles and oils on the market. But new consumer products based on nanotechnology as well as topicals is blazing a new trail of ganja enjoyment.

3) Nano Technology
Nanotechnology is making its possible to standardize the dosage of cannabis products in water soluble oils. Meaning it will soon be possible to absorb ganja quicker and easier into your blood stream. This has a whole new world of possibilities in medical based marijuana. This same applies for recreational products such as soaps and bath oils.

4) From “De Block” to Blockchain
Crypto currency supported by blockchain technology is re-outlining the world of finance. New ganja entrepreneurs still have to deal with skeptical traditional banking industry still nervous about doing business with them. But blockchain technology offers a new way to process cashless transactions for both business owners and consumers.

5) New Insights
Data analytics is changing the way agriculture works, providing new insights into crop production but consumer consumption as well. It used to be that targeting a ganja smoker meant looking for the guy or gal on campus wearing sandals and a peace sign. Now via analytics cannabis users can divided into a multiple range of demographics. With this new information comes the potential for new previously unthinkable products hitting the market.

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