Zero Party Data – the Cure for Post-Cookie Tabanca 

Author: Lisa Douglas-Paul

‘Friend Ting’
Google’s decision to dash way cookies has advertisers and brands beating up their whole body about the future of online advertising.

Whether it’s data collected through a first, second or third party, the best type engagement is the one that gets your customers to share their preferences with you as they would with a long time “padna” and not like a piper lurking in the corner taking in all yuh files. It’s about trust. To do this you literally have to dash ‘way everything you know about online advertising and wrap your mind around Zero-Party Data.

Party Time
Zero-party data aka explicit data is like the sweet horner child of first party and third party data. It engages your existing pool of customers or followers and gets them to intentionally and proactively share their information with you.

Forrester says “it can include preference center data, purchase intentions, personal context, and how the individual wants the brand to recognize [them].”

Privacy and Precision
Online engagement in 2021 requires you to jump out yuhself likkle bit. Use interactive tools like interactive social media stories and questionnaires to get the insights directly from your users. Cut out all the long talk and just ask! This way, you respect everyone’s privacy, and, as it turns out, people like that. Zero party data unlike its predecessors is arguably the best tool for businesses that want to re-engage existing audiences to grow their brand in a dynamic way.

And if it’s one thing about Caribbean people, we love to talk so it’s no scene to get the information straight from the goat’s mouth🐐. Not this stale truncated data thing that you have to guess and try to make ah sense with. That’s the future of ad-tech.

So doh hot yuh head about de cookie thing. It’s time to go back to the basics with Zero Party Data.

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