Who doesn’t love cookies

Author: Lisa Douglas-Paul

Who doesn’t love cookies?
In an era where everyone is trying to be more health conscious, news of Google’s decision to do away with cookies by 2022 sounds like it’s right on trend…right? Except these aren’t the type of cookies that add a few extra pounds; these babies have fueled the multi-billion-dollar ad-tech industry 📈 for the past decade.

So, what are cookies and what’s all the fuss?
Well, it depends on who you talk to.  Some say cookies are a useful tool that provides visitors with a personalized experience, building a profile as you navigate various websites. Others argue that cookies serve the advertising agenda, enabling sites collect massive amounts of data on visitors and use it to push targeted adverts. 💲

Okay but…why throw it out?

  • Because it’s a bit creepy.
  • As the public became increasingly aware of the massive amount of data being collected by these sites, lightbulbs started to go off.
  • Who has access to this data?
  • Who is it being shared with?
  • Over time, various regulators all over the world took note and have enacted General Data Protection Regulations to address the privacy concerns.

The major tech giants have responded by coming up with various solutions that offer greater transparency but don’t cut off their revenue stream from data-driven targeting and advertising.

Ok, but why should I care?
Because for 82.9% of the Caribbean population that is online, Google was the top website by traffic in 2020. That means that any changes that Google makes to its ad-tracking strategy will undoubtedly impact the online advertising thrust of Caribbean businesses that heavily depend on Google and advertising cadre. That’s right! The way you measure, target and engage your target customer segments can change significantly in the next few months .

As the cookie crumbles, Google and its competitors are coming up with various replacement solutions. Some are looking towards artificial intelligence (AI), some are looking at widening the data pool. To stay ahead, Caribbean businesses will need to explore more dynamic integrated solutions to fuel their online marketing strategies as the future of ad-tech continues to take shape.

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