Social Media 101 – Stop Selling Every Single Time Yuh Post Sumting

Author: Shurland James Jr.

Social Media

There are some things that just seem to make sense. Doubles taste good. 😋  Soca will cause wining. Thinking, “Social media is free so I should use all my posts as free advertising! Right?”

Let’s hold up on that last one.

Don’t people love to buy, yet they hate being sold to?
That’s the thing. Generally, people do not like advertisements. Advertisements that interrupt television shows are more often met with a steups. Being asked to dip into our wallets by people we don’t know is annoying most of the time.

And yet, keep in mind that just about everyone has a favourite ad.

This begs the question…

What makes an ad a favourite?
When an ad connects deeply and emotionally with the intended audience, it’s considered very effective.  It’s the same with a social media post. As we discussed in a previous article, posts foster this type of connection with the audience when they inform, entertain and inspire. People are more likely to buy when they feel a connection. They buy because of how a product/service makes them feel.

So then, what to do?
As a business owner using social media marketing, the best course of action would be to use social media posts to build deep connection. One way to do this is to show generosity towards your followers. For example, informational posts give away tips and information for free. Entertaining posts entertain for free (and who doesn’t love good entertainment?). Inspirational posts are a free source of inspiration.

Another way to build connection is to post client reviews. These can help potential clients make the decision to work with your business. This example from a proofreader and this one from a professional therapist are great examples of how to use client testimonials to “sell without selling.”

When potential clients are ready to get a product or service in a certain niche, they’ll remember the brands in that niche that connected deeply with them, and they’re far more likely to contact those businesses for more information. At that point, the business owner just has to be ready to deliver their product or service and cash in!

Your social media account has the potential to be the best type of advertising: the kind that builds memorable, meaningful connections with your customer base.

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