Caribbean Freelance Websites to the Front of the Class

Author: Kevin Fortune


Calling all Side-Hustlers, Entrepreneurs, Corporate Innovators, and Freelancers. And while the Freelancers would perhaps be taking the most notes today, everyone is going to benefit.

Whether the goal is to be employed or to employ someone – we got you.

We all know that the free in freelancing means you exchange your services and get paid for them, but, without the typical employer/employee ball and chain. (Commitment issues, much?) 😛

Stereotypically, US-based websites like Upwork and Fiverr have led the way on this trend, and the very early Caribbean Freelancing frontier explorers made great use of them.  Now, with the emergence of an expanding Caribbean Freelance Culture, produced-in-the-Caribbean freelance websites are showing that we can still get our ‘Upwork’ on, even if we’re used to taking a lil ‘Five-rr’ now and again…(couldn’t help it).

In this article, we’ll introduce you to these sites, so you can make your own use of them. We’re very proud to state that in spite of their islands of origin, all six of these sites service and cater to the entire Caribbean. 

Daiz what we talkin’ bout! 👊

As we would come to expect, these sites offer a very impressive range of job categories, have made it super easy to sign up,  and even have tutorials on how to navigate the sites and make the best use of the services.

We found that, unlike the others that were very specifically freelance-centric, e-Jam had more of an employment agency vibe, as they recruit physically for international work as well. (So if you’re in Jamaica, we gave you a little bly there!)

If your skills are a blend of creative with techy, then Trinidad-based  Wourkly should definitely be on your radar! Software Development, Animation and  UI/UX Design, among others, are very much the focus.

The Hive was very detailed in the layout of their offerings for sign-up and what they provide. You have the option of using the site for free, or paid premium options and even Corporate Enterprise and Public Sector support! 

Bajan Freelanceforall – pleasantly surprised us with its very specific  Fun and Lifestyle offerings  – Women’s Online Life Coaching and Caribbean-focused Dance Fitness programs made us smile.

We appreciated that Trinidad-based Workii highlighted their Milestone Payment option as one of their standouts.

Jamaican iThriverr and RemoteJobCaribbean bring up the rear of our list. While iThriver provided an easily accessible Caribbean freelancer database, RemoteJobCaribbean offered some informative Blog postings specific to Freelancing needs.

So we had the Federation, Carifesta, and we still have West Indies Cricket. And now, it seems that with the emergence of these Caribbean-Born Freelance Websites, we now have another West Indian thing to rally around

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