Author: Lisa Douglas-Paul

Published date: 13/08/2021

Nowadays, so many businesses have reduced their e-commerce strategy to a few sporadic posts on Facebook and Instagram. SMH. That ain’t nowhere near e-commerce. You’re only really in the dance when you could lock in those coppers electronically! 

Having an e-commerce enabled website has been, to date, THE BEST digital asset for any business trying to change online shopper traffic on their sites from a ‘pass-tru’ to a ‘purchase’.  This is why you need to invest in your own domain ASAP:

Built-in Payment Options:  For those of us in the Caribbean, it’s the only online space where you can have you can directly receive payments via credit or international debit cards hassle-free. Direct check-out options aren’t available as yet through socials in our neck of the woods.

Customizable – don’t “chook up” your content to fit in social media templates. That will water down the unique elements of your brand. Check out web-builders that can give you can help you switch up your layout to suit your audiences faster than a power soca.  

It won’t break your pocket – Setting up and hosting your website could cost as little as US$3 per month or could even free with various web-builder platforms such as NameCheap, Shopify, and WiShops.

Built-in R&D – If constantly improving your products and services to stay competitive is your vibe then you should totally be into having complete control over all that juicy first party data you’ll be capturing. Websites can easily log your customers’ purchases and clicks. Direct Biz Intel = Better Customer Engagement= Better Sales conversion rates.

Best do the thing right or not at all. Set up an e-commerce enabled website – now! Socials could be a nice side piece but it cannot take the full jamming and pace you need to take your business to the next level. Onward and upward.

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