Author: Jason Dookeran

In sweet T&T, we all know what guava season means. Sure – it’s when guava is ready for the picking, but it also means a time when things are hard for everyone. This last year, in particular, was among the grimmest guava seasons I’ve ever seen. People losing their jobs left and right, while others were trying to find ways to use their time productively.

For a while, plenty people got along with what they had and even opened up a small side hustle of their own. Whether you call it a Side Hustle or a PJ (that’s Trini for “private job”), it’s a way to make a little small-change on the side. But what defines a successful side hustle?

A Good Doubles = A Good Side Hustle

Doubles is one of the most unforgettable Trini street-foods you’ll ever encounter. Like the perfect doubles, a successful side hustle demonstrates several ingredients that make it stand out. The most crucial elements to a successful side hustle are:

  1. Serve a Need: The bara (bread) in your side-hustle doubles. If you’re serving a need, your hustle has resilience. People always want something done, so why not do it for them?
  2. Follow your Passion: The channa (chickpeas) that make up the filling of your side hustle. If you’re passionate about your side-hustle, you’ll never feel like you’re working.
  3. Look for Growth: The pepper sauce that adds spice to your side-hustle. If you can expand your business with time, who knows? You might even make it into a full-time gig.

Does your side-hustle sound half as tasty? What elements of the perfect side-hustle doubles are you missing? In the coming issues, we’ll look at the art of the side hustle and help you find your way to having mango chow while it’s still the height of guava season.

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