Author: Darryn Boodan

Cannabis is set to storm the world. Though there are still some serious kinks that need to be worked out here in T&T over regarding the law between decriminalization versus full legalization, there are reasons to believe weed is set to usher in a wave of new products. Consider these:

Weed Doubles 🤤
Weed based food products, or “Edibles’ as they’re known, are one of the fastest-growing segments of the weed market. So combining T&T’s most popular street food with T&T’s most popular plant seems like a no-brainer. Forget just asking for heavy or slight pepper. Gimme one with medium-high, please!  

Ganja Paratha 
When East Indian indentured labourers first arrived in the Caribbean in the 1800s, they brought with them their famous Jahaji bundle containing their life’s possessions: a change of clothes, the Bhagavad Gita and a curious plant named “Ganga”, named after the Ganges River in India.  As the popularity of this plant grew its name would morph into “Ganja”.  It’s only fitting to take ganja back to its roots but coupling it with that other great East Indian gift to the Caribbean; roti. Ganja Paratha with duck 🦆 please!

Weed Oak 
This seems like another no-brainer.  Currently White Oak Rum is bringing our flavour (more flavors than Haagen Daz 🍦) such as watermelon and mango, etc. So why not flavours like Moruga Green or Aripo Heights? “Weed Oak: the smoothness won’t surprise you.”

Hemp Carnival Costumes 
Hemp refers to cannabis that contains 0.3 per cent or less THC content by dry weight – a far less potent form of marijuana, and clothes made out of hemp are burning up the fashion world. Surely the home of Carnival needs to lead the way in hemp-made costumes. Aside from having a low impact on the environment, costumes made from hemp would be extremely durable. Also, most importantly, hemp serves as a filter for UV light making it perfect for the blazing midday sun on Carnival Tuesday. So what are you waiting for, local designers? Start blazing the trail for hemp mas!

Cannabis Day 
There is nothing more truly “Trini” than taking the day off. Trinidad and Tobago is a truly special place with a healthy number of public holidays. Why not an official day off in the name of weed? Think about it: a public holiday centred around nationwide weed-oriented 🌿 activities would be a major tourist draw for merrymakers the world over. 

Have a wonderful Weed Day! 

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