Mr, Ms and Mx – How Diversity is Redefining Corporate Culture in the Caribbean

Author: Lisa Douglas-Paul

4 Billion US dollars…
That’s how much T&T activist Paula Lindo says it will cost the Caribbean if we don’t embrace the idea diversity and of a more inclusive society. As the Caribbean firms continue to push past the frontiers of the familiar, they may engage international partners and clients that want to ensure that their local partners respect the principles of inclusivity, diversity and non-discrimination. Starbucks, IBM and UBER to name a few belong to a host of global brands that support their LGBTQ+ employees and partners. 🏳️‍🌈

Discussions surrounding LGBTQ+ rights have progressed significantly in many countries around the globe and the corporate world has kept up with the pace of change. This transformative change in the global corporate landscape is the kind that the progressive Caribbean businessperson should take stock of and, maybe even become a part of. 🤔

All ah we is one family?
We in the Caribbean are no strangers to diversity. The very fabric of our collective identity is composed of threads of varying ethnicities, cultures and religions. But there is one particular type of diversity that has been not traditionally embraced in the Caribbean. The discussion surrounding diversity in the Caribbean over the past 10 years has evolved to acknowledge the LGBTQ+ community as a living breathing part of our society, however, based on current global trends its clear that we still have much further to go.

As the Caribbean Corporate reality continues to take shape in the post pandemic-era, businesses should focus on making sure that their employees feel supported and valued regardless of how they identify 🤗.

As we work towards creating this inclusive reality, some solutions will be simpler to implement in the Caribbean context than others. But being progressive starts with taking the first step. Stay tuned next week to learn about how small changes like Employees Resource Groups (ERGs), benefits for same-sex couples and introducing gender neutral titles can help you create a more inclusive culture for your business.

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