Banding together – the Socially Distanced Way

Author: Kevin Fortune


Caribbean people are no strangers to the concept of wearing bands for identification purposes. Whether we are showcasing that we belong to a particular Mas band for Carnival, or, ensuring that we are in the right line at that ‘All-Inclusive’ fete – our band ensures that we are “inside. 🎉

Come October 11, though, the Trinidad and Tobago Government will be urging all to “get in yuh section” in an entirely new way.  The date signals the opening of safe zone business for the vaccinated community, and, one company, Verify Vaccinated, founded by Mr. Keeva Seegobin, has stepped in to make sure that everyone is easily identifiable.

The company plans to provide a silicone band – a visual and more durable way of making the distinction – unlike those Immunization cards that are hidden in a drawer between a couple of baby pictures and a camphor ball (we see you, Aunty!) . 🕵️

“To sign up for a Verify Vaccinated silicone band, anyone with a national immunization card can log on to, upload their credentials and an email confirmation will then be sent with respect to their delivery time and date,” Seegobin offered in a recent Trinidad Express article.

Mr. Seegobin and his team are confident that the system they have in place can accommodate the over 400, 000 fully vaccinated members of the population. Seeing similar concepts implemented in other countries as their own vaccination numbers increased, was more than enough incentive to bring the vision to life locally.

Since the launch they have had over 200 sign-ups, and, have noted that reputable businesses and companies have already expressed interest in the concept.

Noting that the Government was working on a similar platform, Seegobin was not fazed, as he believes he is offering a solution that is tested and that works, especially since the 11th of October will soon be here.

A recently circulated meme comes to mind. The Soca artiste does the usual roll call at a fête.
“Anybody have Sinopharm??!! AstraZeneca posse identify allyuh self! Where the Pfizer crew? In VIP?” 💃🏾
Perhaps the refrain will now be, “Band in the air! Band in the air!”

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